Investigation Lab is about the practice of citizen investigation, or more accurately investigation in the public interest. It is a platform for thinking about the investigative work that is taking place in a space occupied by journalists, artists, social movements, researchers, and curious individuals. It is an attempt to enjoy and think through the dynamics at work in what is a growing movement for finding stuff out.

Citizen investigation draws inspiration from  traditional muckraker journalism and watchdog activism. But the movement has pioneered technological innovation, added transnational collaboration online, and resulted in some awesome creativity.

Lots of what is happening in investigation is new, but the idea of using evidence to shape attitudes and make change is very, very old. Still, there is not much critical thinking going on about investigation as practiced by, well, all of the above.

So, this lab is as much about investigation as it is about doing investigation. At the very least, Investigation Lab is an attempt to cast a critical light on forensics and counter forensics – not least in Norway, where we are based, hence the bilingual pages here – by promoting local and international stories, tools, and people.

Got any inputs, ideas, or stories you would like to share?

Feel free to send us an email at: info@investigationlab.org


(yet toget this project started properly!)


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