Data and storytelling: telling the human story

For those who do not have a statistics or tech background, data-driven stories can be difficult to tell. Luckily for us, this piece by Fatima Hudoon breaks down her experience of working with data and how to use it for storytelling, by using her investigation into private mental hospitals in Brighton (UK) as an example. The piece goes into detail about the process of finding your data, what questions you should ask the data, and how to create a human profile to find a case study for your story. The piece introduces a lot of information yet is very digestible for the reader. 

Within this, the piece elaborates on what it means to highlight the human story within data. By finding a case study and bringing in personal experience, helped make Hudoon’s data more meaningful. If you would like to read all the learnings the guide has to offer or read up on the actual investigation into private mental health services in Bristol, you can find the links below.


Data at First Sight: Telling the human story through numbers

Inside: Private mental health services in Bristol investigated

By Fatima Hudoon & Matty Edwards